Diversity & Equity Committee

Graduate Student Rep. (2018-2019)

The Department of Political Science's Diversity and Equity Committee is made up of four faculty members and two elected graduate student representatives. Our mission is to ensure that our department is an inclusive space. Graduate student reps serve as liaisons between the graduate student body and the faculty. 



Students of Color Alliance


SoCA’s mission is to build community among students of color in the graduate school by providing social, professional development, and community outreach programming. We work closely with the Deans of the Graduate School and with the Dean of Academic Diversity to coordinate our efforts.

Undergraduate Advising 


The Undergraduate Advising Office serves all political science majors in Columbia College. Advisers answer questions about students' research interests, course selection, study abroad programs, summer internships, senior theses, and post-graduation plans. 





Summer Research Program

Graduate Student Mentor
(2015, 2016, 2019)

Columbia University participates in the Leadership Alliance Summer Research-Early Identification Program, an eight- to ten-week program for undergraduates with a demonstrated commitment to diversity and inclusion. Mentors guide students through all stages of the research process and help them prepare to apply to Ph.D. programs.