Wellesley College

  • Latino Politics (Spring 2020)
    Course description- This course examines the history and contemporary role of Latinos in American politics, including the emergence of “Latino” as a pan-ethnic identity and demographic profiles of the group; and the “Americanization” and “racialization” of Latinos, with an emphasis on the relationship between Latinos and non-Latinos as they relate to political institutions, representation, and voting coalitions. The class will also focus on the development of Latino public opinion and partisanship, how these manifest in Latinos’ political participation, and their importance in recent presidential and midterm elections (2008-2018). The course also examines U.S. immigration policy as context to understand current debates that shape the Latino community now and in the future.

Columbia University

I have served as a TA for the following undergraduate courses:

I have also been an instructor during the Leadership Alliance Summer Research-Early Identification Program, where I have taught Principles of Quantitative Research. This course is equivalent to the statistics course taken by first-year graduate students at Columbia.


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